We work with our various customers to solve business and systems needs in the most efficient and effective way. Our assignments vary but involve the following components.

Financial Systems Roadmap

We work with customers to understand systems, analytics and insights needs and help to prioritize such needs by taking into account business importance, readiness of data and ease of development. The result is a financial systems roadmap that lays out a number of priorities in Finance with key milestones and deliverables.

Business Systems Architecture Definition

We regularly review business systems architecture and its relevance to business needs. In doing this, SAIG maintains schematic diagrams for process workflows and information exchange topographies. Any decision the business wants to make is based on solid technical architectural principles that are well defined and documented.

Solution Design and Development

We work with business in rapid prototyping of business solutions. SAIG’s pilot workshops are geared toward defining the business need, articulating requirements, mocking up visualizations, assessing data (availability, quality, integration, conceptualization and certification) and finally helping drive solutions through formal Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC) methodologies.

Business-Lead over Full Project Management Life Cycle

SAIG owns and represents the business in implementation of Finance-related projects across the Full Project Management Life Cycle, including idea definition, proposals for stakeholders, preparing plans, enabling user training, and other identified needs.

Technology Collaboration

SAIG works closely with the GW Division of Information Technology to select the right technology solution to solve the business problem. This includes assessing enterprise architectural fit, vendor selection, and other scenario-specific  variables.