Procurement, Travel and Expenses

About the Office

GW has a wide variety of needs with regards to the goods, services and travel required to sustain the educational and research driven vision of the university.  To that end, the Procurement Department at GW is committed to negotiating the best rates and service with various well-established and diverse vendors around the country and, more importantly, around the nation’s capital.

Our Role

SAIG plays an integral role in Procurement’s mission as it provides management with insightful, informative and valuable data that enables better and more informed business decisions about the various areas of spend that Procurement manages.

In addition to providing the Procurement Department with the tools and data necessary to make better, more informed decisions, SAIG also supports the wide array of systems utilized by the department, including:

Who to Contact

Josh Rubin and Vidhi Kapur provide system support and data analysis for GW's Procurement Department.